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JO-2018: for Fourcade “the conditions will redistribute the cards” of the biathlon

Ⓒ AFP – FRANCK FIFE – | Martin Fourcade, king of biathlon and flag bearer of
the French delegation at the Pyeongchang Games, answers
reporters’ questions on the spot, February 8, 2018

Before his bid for the Olympics in the sprint race, biathlon
king Martin Fourcade, flag bearer of the French delegation,
said on Thursday that extreme weather conditions (cold and
wind) could “redistribute the cards”.

Q: Are you aware that part of the 20 medals goal for France
is on your shoulders?

A: “I’m not going to say that I’m going to bring back 6
medals because it’s something that has never been done and I’ve
never been successful at the Olympics, so it would be stupid to
talk about that. The goal is to evolve at my best level and if
so, there will be rewards.We have conditions that will be
complicated for the first two races and that will already
decide a third of our competitions. If we manage to cross this
stage, we will be able to dream a lot of things, and if it is
not the case, we will have to be solid to get back to it. “

Q: This season is marked by your rivalry with Johannes Boe.
What can you compare it to?

A: “It’s not my role to compare it to other sports, it’s a
real chance for biathlon and a requirement for me to be good
every time because I know I have to be at my place. better to
beat him, this poster makes me dream, myself included.This duel
motivates me but I am convinced and I put my hand to cut that
it will not be the result of the sprint because we are at
Olympics and the conditions will redistribute the cards.We know
the importance of the conditions in biathlon, the door will be
open for many more athletes than Johannes and me.

Q: In what mental state are you?

A: “We’re starting to want to go in. Until then, I was quite
serene and very happy to be here, and I was happy to have a few
days to be able to acclimatize myself.”

Q: How do you analyze your incredible regularity (18 podiums
in a row at the World Cup)?

A: “It is a great pride, it is a feat
that becomes commonplace when it is absolutely not normal to do
so many podiums in a row, my teammates of the French team room
me saying that the series will stop on Sunday but I have the
heart to show them the opposite, at worst I will fall back on
the fact that we are not in the World Cup.

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